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Hey Beauties, become a travel ambassador and earn cash and discounts to travel the world!

How Does It Works!

  1. You must register with us! Click Here 
  2. You will then get a code that you can use to allow persons to book through your profile
  3. Whenever you share any of our products you will earn 5% of the total sales. For example, if someone books a trip for USD1000 you will earn 50USD

How to Start

  1. In order to become a member, you must sign up here to ensure you are registered so we can track your bookings!
  2. We track your visitors for 90 days, which is excellent. If someone who was refered by you comes on the website today and didnt make a booking but returns within 90 days, you will still get the commission. There will be nothing more required for you to do. The money will be sent into your paypal account or bank account!
  3. Each booking must be minimum of $1000 and the person must complete their travel before you get paid. We pay commission within 2 weeks of your client returning

How do I Promote your Deals!

  1. We wil provide you wuth deals, travel specials that your friends and family will like most. We will be adding new deals weekly. We will also have a FB group that we will send deals, updates and new information that will help you in selling travel. Only specific deals it is applied to and it DOES NOT INCLUDE HOTEL ONLY DEALS
  2. You can be creative with the images and posts in your social media, tell your friends and families or anyone that may be interested.
Finally, when you regster we will invite you to a Private Facebook group created for Expressionz that will give as much support by us and other brand ambassadors.
Thank you for your support and we look forward in supporting you!
Aso, we have a Brand Ambassador sponsorhsip for our Sister Company…check us out here