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Feel The Rhythm Of Jamaica

the beat, the pulse of life

From each morning’s glorious sunrise until the sea swallows the sun at night, Jamaica presents a magnificent palette of experiences, a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds that make our island the most precious jewel in the Caribbean. We are a land of unique culture, engaging activities, breathtaking landscapes, and a warm, welcoming people.
The beat of reggae. The searing smell of jerk over the fire. The swizzle of rum in your glass. No place on earth provides the range of attractions and the cultural diversity that can be found here. No place on earth feels like it. No place on earth shines like it. Jamaica, the home of rhythm and sway. Taken from

Experience the Beauty of Jamaica

Jamaica is beautiful and there’s no denying that, but it’s the vibe of the people that will capture your heart. Seek out cultural events and popular activities while you’re here to immerse yourself in the island lifestyle.

Treat your tastebuds to the sizzle of authentic jerk, right here where it was born, along with other island flavors on a culinary tour. Nightlife fans, gyrate your waistline with the best of them at upscale bars, local jaunts, or lively street dances.

Take the kids to get up close and personal with the stunning nature of Jamaica via bobsled or sky lift. Board a bamboo raft and soak in the lush island greenery and endemic birds flying by. Hike 7,000 feet above sea level to try Blue Mountain coffee right at the source while stopping to dip in icy-cool rivers on the trail. Enjoy these tours with the friendliest guides who are experts at merriment.

Jamaica Carnival

Jamica Carnival Carnival in Jamaica is a celebrated and well-attended event every year. The parade is held on the Sunday after the Easter holidays but there are events leading up to the day from as early as the week before. Jamaica Carnival which was formally established in the 1990s has evolved significantly in the past three years with the introduction of two new bands, now making the total amount three. 

On that eagerly anticipated Sunday, masquerades parade in beautiful multi-coloured costumes on the streets of New Kingston. If you want to participate in Jamaica Carnival, check out one of our Carnival Packages, it is an experience you will not regret.


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