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FAQs about Jamaica Carnival

FAQs about Jamaica Carnival

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These FAQs about Jamaica Carnival is to assist you in having an amazing experience! Jamaica Carnival is a well anticipated event that happens yearly which involves a series of parties following the Easter holidays which then leads up to the climax of the enitre season. People from all over the world gets dressed in costumes and parade in the streets of Kingston. 


I have loved Carnival like forever…literally forever, my first Carnival experience was in Jamaica ofcourse and as I told @keepitloudcrew in my interview two weeks ago, I have been doing it since I was 19. It’s safe to say that was the birth of my carnival addiction. I am pretty sure if you are reading this you are in the same shoe and if you are not there yet…I warn you…you will be needing to attend CA (Carnival Anonymous) meetings soon.

Since starting Expressionz Travels and getting the opportunity to share the love of my life with everyone, I have been getting a lot of questions about Carnival and that’s why I decided to write this FAQ guide about carnival. I  do realise that there it isn’t enough information about Jamaica Carnival from the Jamaican perspective. There have been articles from the outside so the information is not as detailed. Anywho, I will attempt to answer some of the questions that I have gotten. Feel free to ask any questions you may have or drop a comment below.

When is Jamaica Carnival?

Jamaica Carnival 2020 wil be held on Sunday the 19th  A quick fact about Jamaica Carnival is that it’s the first Sunday after the Easter holidays. So you can automatically guess the dates for the next umpteenth years.

How long is Jamaica Carnival?

Carnival is only for one day in Jamaica; it generally lasts between 0800 hrs – 2000 hrs. Some bands will have an afterparty at their relevant locations. What we refer to Carnival Week is the week following easter up to Jump Up Day (Play Mas).

Where is Jamaica Carnival held?

So before I get into this..another little fact about Jamaica; there are two International Airports within Jamaica. There is the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) and there is the Montego Bay Jamaica (MBJ) Airport.

Now…the time to travel between both is approximately 3 hours with the use of a Toll Road. Carnival is held in Kingston so if you are coming to Party or for Jump Up Day…it’s best you travel through the  Norman Manley International Airport. If you are coming for Easter Weekend (The party weekend that preceeds carnival…our next blog post will look into that) then you can choose Montego Bay Airport. If you choose to fly into MBJ because you saw an incredible flight deal that is just too amazing to ignore, I DO NOT recommend getting a property within this area if your sole aim is to be apart of the carinival celebration.

Also, bare in mind that getting a taxi to take you into Kingston from Montego Bay can be a bit pricey; you can always travel on knutsford but it requires booking in advance and not knowing your way around can be a hassle! With all of that said…I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.

When is the best time to travel for Jamaica Carnival?

If your sole aim is for Carnival…I recommend the 16th – 20th April for 2020. That is enough time to party like a rock star, take part in Jump Up Day and get back to routine life. If you want an opportunity to experience the beautiful Island of Jamaica the 15th – 22nd of April is a good time;  not too long and not too short. We will be recommending tours in another blog article. Make sure to subscibe

Where do I Stay for Jamaica Carnival?

Jamaica has beautiful hotels within the New Kingston area and also tastefully furnished AirBNBs. I recommend selecting properties within Kingston 5, 6, 8 & 10.

Which Fetes are held for Jamaica Carnival?

So I have gotten a a lot of questions about fetes for Jamaica Carnival, so I will be creating a blog Post dedicated to fetes, that will show their time and link to payment details. Subscribe to get updates. Here are most of the fetes for Carnival week.

Tue, Apr 14

  • Soca By Di Tree (7pm – 1pm)
  • Cooler FeteTabanca House (8pm – 1am)
  • Tuesday on the Rocks (8pm – 1am)
  • Moonshine

Wed, Apr 15

  • Carnival on the Cay (11am – 4pm)
  • XLuusive Boat Cruise (4pm – 9pm)
  • Bachannal Jamaica Premium (7pm – 12am)
  • I love Soca (8pm – 2am)

Thu, Apr 16    

  • Silent Morrning Jamaica (9am – 2pm)
  • Afloat Boat Cruise (4pm – 9pm)
  • Big Phat Chill Cooler Fete (5pm – 11pm)
  • Frenchmen Block O Tribe Ignite (8pm – 2am)
  • Xodus Tailgate (8pm – 2am)

Fri, Apr 17   

  • Back to Blue Breakfast Party (5am – 10am)
  • Hookie Jamaica Breakfast (8am – 2pm)
  • Sunkissed (12pm – 5pm)
  • Soca Brainwash Jamrock (1pm – 7pm)
  • Scorch _Duck Work (5pm – 11pm)
  • Xodus Jouvert (9pm – 3am)
  • Fete Republic: Pump
  • Bachannal Jouvert (10pm – 6am)

Sat, Apr 18

  • Ceasars Army (2am – 8am)
  • Sunrise Breakfast Party  (7am – 11am)
  • Suits, Jamaica (2pm – 8pm)
  • Frenchmen Bazodee
  • PM Fete (8pm – 2am)
  •    Drinks Inclusive

Sun, Apr 19

  • Big Wall
  • Jump Up Day

Mon, Apr 20

  • Xaymaca Cool Doen Fete

Tue, Apr 21

  • Epressionz Travels Dunns River & Spanish Bridge Trip

This List is not comprehenisve! Click Here for our Expressionz Fete List 

Our Next Post will be a detailed Fete List which will include prices and type of fetes! Subscribe!

What are my options for Costumes?

Well, Jamaica Carnival is on the rise and I am muy proud. We have three wonderful bands: Xodus Carnival, Xaymaca International and Bacchanal Jamaica. You can learn more about their offerings by going to their website.

Do I have to Play Mas?

The short answer is NO! However, to get a more wholesome  experience, it is recommended.

What are the alternatives to Mas on Jump Up Day!

There is an event called Big Wall! Some bands pass their location and you can watch the parade! You can also drink, lyme and have fun. I have been there in the past after carnival but these days my body cannot do anything else after carnival but to go home lol.

Join our Jamaica Carnival Facebook Group for 2020 – We will be updating the group with the latest information relating to Jamaica Carnival.

Okay…that’s a mouthful! If I Left anything out…comment below! If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email

Karell, Your Travel Consultant

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