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Thank you for visiting Sheer Expressionz LLC website; these are the terms and conditions of Sheer Expressionz that guides the operation of this website. This website is provided solely to assist customers in gathering information and reserving our vacation packages, carnival packages, tours, excursions, destination travels and other services.

These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) along with our FAQ and Privacy Policy sets out the agreement between Sheer Expressionz LLC doing business as and its users who access our website (“Users”).

The terms “we,” “us”, “our” and “Expressionz Travels” refers to Sheer Expressionz LLC; a company registered within the United States of America. The term “User” and “you” refers to the User, who may be accessing the website.

1. The use of this website.

1.1 Sheer Expressionz LLC is a independent registered company within the United States of America and licensed under a Host Agent to carry out market and distribute travel products under the “SHEER EXPRESSIONZ LLC” brand name and arrange for the vacation services offered on this website and through social media and other advertising portals. By accessing or using Our Website in any manner, constitutes a deemed agreement to all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. Please read the agreement carefully.

1.2 If you are not competent to enter into a valid and binding contract with Sheer Expressionz LLC under the applicable laws and do not accept any or all the terms and conditions, please discontinue using Our Website.

1.3 We reserve the right at any time, at our sole discretion to change or otherwise modify these Terms without prior notice, and your continued access or use of this Website signifies your acceptance of the updated or modified contents. We kindly request that you refer to this page periodically to view the latest terms and conditions.

1.4 These Terms and Conditions apply in relation to flight deals, cruises, excursions, tours, vacation and carnival packages and any other services that may be offered by Us on Our Website and or Social Media. The submission of your booking signifies acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, hereby referred to as the contract.

1.5 Any travel services, vacation or carnival packages offered through any of these services constitutes a contractual agreement between you and SHEER EXPRESSIONZ LLC. These Terms and Conditions apply in relation to flight deals, cruises, excursions, tours, vacation and carnival packages and any other services that may be offered by Us on Our Website and or Social Media.

2. No Unlawful or Prohibited use of the website

2.1 You will not use the web site for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms, conditions and notices

3.Content of this Site

3.1 Information on the website is subject to change without notice and is not guaranteed to be free from errors.

3.2 We strive to provide you with the latest and most up-to-date information at all times. The items offered under the tours, packages and other servicesare carried out by a third party, Sheer Expressionz LLC offers you the convenience of never having to worry about the finer details of your trip and enables you to maximize your enjoyment.

3.3 All prices on the website are quoted in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated.

3.4 Promotions listed on the website can be changed or withdrawn at any time.

4. Booking a Tour or Reserving a Package

4.1 The website does not at this time collect payments but allow you to book your tour or reserve your package or your deal.

4.2 By clicking the submit button, it is deemed as entering in a lawfully binding contract which means that you must complete the process by making the agreed payment or submitting the requested payment when the invoice is sent to you, which is within 24 hours of receiving your request.

5. Payment Plans for Carnival Packages

5.1 We offer three payment options for our Carnival Packages; if you select a plan at the initial time of booking, you will have to follow through with that option unless you would have requested a change via email and permission granted in writing.

5.2 Carnival Payment Terms: Any payment plan selected, payments due must be paid at the time stipulated.

5.2a Payment Option 1 – full Payment upon Booking
5.2b. Payment Option 2 – Three Equal Installments minus deposit on the dates stipulated in the initial invoice
5.3b Payment Option 3 – Equal monthly payments minus deposit on the dates specified in the initial invoice

6. Payment Plans for Tours & Excursions

6.1 For bookings two months or later prior to boking, a payment plan can be arranged. Please indicate by selecting the requisite option at the time of the booking.

6.2 For bookings less than two months, payment must be made in full.

7.  Payment Plan for Vacation Packages.

7.1 This is done as per vendors policy.

7.2 We collect credit card data via an authorized payment gateway to pay the vendor directly. We do not add any charges to those of the hotel or flight. We charge a non refundable $20 booking fee for advertised vacation packages.

7.3 We do not store credit card details and will not charge your card without your signed permission.

8. Vacation Financing for Vacation Packages

8.1 A deposit will be required and 10% fee on the balance will be charged in  additon to the advertised package. This amount must be agreed to be paid prior to booking

8.2 If amount is not paid at the date that is due, booking will be cancelled and all monies will be forfieted

9 Hazardous Materials

9.1 Federal law forbids the carriage of certain hazardous materials, such as aerosols, fireworks, and flammable liquids, aboard the aircraft. If you do not understand these restrictions, contact your airline or go to

10. Passports and Visas

10.1 It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate travel documents for entry into the countries you are visiting. You must check with the respective consulate(s) to determine what passports and/or visas are required for entry into the countries you are visiting. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your departure date.

10. Alternate Hotels

10.2 Sometimes we are unable to confirm the hotel(s) you have requested, in which case we will confirm an alternate hotel(s). You will be emailed an given up to 24 hours to advise if the alternate hotel(s) is acceptable. We ask that you review the alternate hotel(s) carefully to ensure that it meets your expectations. If we do not hear back from you with in 24 hours we will assume you have accepted the alternate hotel(s) and will proceed with your reservation. Please note that there may be a variance in the package price.

11. Travel Documents

11.1 You will receive an email advising your documents are ready to be printed electronically. You must print all of your documents and ensure you carry these vouchers with you on your trip. Your vouchers are in lieu of payment and must be presented at time of service.

11.2 In some cases packages that included certain rail tickets and some select sightseeing services will be shipped directly to you. Signature will be required for these documents and you must provide us with a day time delivery address. When your package is shipped and email containing your tracking number will be emailed so you will know when to expect delivery. Changes made to delivery address after shipment will be responsible for a fee to be confirmed.

12. Reservations

12.1 Expressionz Travels accept payments for its reservation via a valid credit card, bank or wire transfers. At any time we may require proof of identification prior to the booking of your package. Please note that hotel reservations may be on a request basis and may take 24 business hours to confirm.

12.2 If the requested hotel on your package cannot be confirmed, a comparable (in price and standard) alternate hotel will be confirmed. At this time, you will be notified via email (on file) and telephone with the alternate hotel details.

12.3 Please review these details immediately, if you are unsatisfied with the alternate, we will provide additional options. Your payment to Expressionz Travels Express constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and you agree to waive any charge back rights.

12.4 Where a carnival is listed as part of your package it does not constitute guarantee until the payment is made. All requested changes to reservations are subject to availability.

12.5 Any changes must be approved in writing. Replacements are subject to applicable fees. Clients wishing to make a change, please SEND US AN EMAIL at


All passenger safety: Please be aware that during your participation in vacations operated by the Company, certain risks and dangers may arise beyond our control, including but not limited to: the hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas; travel by boat, train, automobile, aircraft, or other means of transportation; the forces of nature; political unrest; acts of lawlessness or terrorism; and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. The Company will not have liability regarding provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered.

Release of Liability: In consideration of the services and arrangements provided by the Company, you, for yourself and for your heirs, personal representatives or assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge, hold harmless and agree to indemnify the Company, and its owners, officers, directors, agents and employees from any and all claims, actions, or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services, lost profits, consequential, exemplary, indirect or punitive damages or otherwise which may arise out of or occur during your travel and any activities conducted in conjunction therewith. YOU SPECIFICALLY UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE RELEASING, DISCHARGING AND WAIVING ANY CLAIMS OR ACTIONS THAT YOU MAY HAVE PRESENTLY OR IN THE FUTURE FOR THE NEGLIGENT ACTS OR CONDUCT OF THE OWNERS, DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES OR AGENTS OF THE COMPANY.